Odessa Separator, Inc. has been in business since 1995.We pride ourselves in providing the best screen available for down hole pumps, Sand filtration, Gas Separators and a new Technology in down hole chemical delivery systems.The business was founded upon the wholesale of down hole gas separators and sand filters to the oilfield industry. For the next six years the product was refined and sand filters started becoming the increased focus of Odessa Separator to reduce pump failure and provide the best possible run times. We are committed to manufacturing top quality products and providing technical support to maximize productivity and profitability.

    New product - Chem Screen

    Odessa Separator’s Chem Screen is a downhole chemical conditioning system.Chem Screen releases solid chemical at the bottom of well bore providing effective scale, paraffin and corrosion treatment, for rod pump, ESP, PCP, gas lift, Plunger lift, jet pump, and flowing wells.


    Odessa Separator Inc.




    Sand Failure happens when sand is pumped with the liquid to the surface, which is thousands of feet from the pump. Naturally the heavier sand will fall back on top of the plunger. It gets crushed and works its way between the barrel and plunger causing sand cutting, which causes:

    •Pump Failure                    •Rod Failure •Tubing Failure                   •Short run life



    Gas causes two main problems:

    1. Gas occupies space that could be used for liquid, which decreases pumping efficiency. Each stroke contains less liquid.2. Fluid pound causes rod buckling & tubing wear.The gas inside the pump must be compressed to create a greater pressure than the hydrostatic head on top of the traveling valve before the valve will open. 



    Is placed at the very bottom of the well.

    •Provides a steady and continuous release over several months.

    •Reduces potential pump damage and maintenance cost.

    •Provides support for surface treatments insuring longer run times even when the well is under control and surface treatments are viable.

    •Perforations and intake equipment remain clear allowing for greater fluid flow.

    OSI Fluid Conditioning Systems!

    With OSI’s proven fluid conditioning systems in place, issues with solids, sand, gas and chemical treatments are a thing of the past. OSI’s experience and expertise in these various areas have provided solutions to some of the industry’s most difficult well bore problems. OSI’s tools have been utilized by most major and independent oil companies, both in domestic and international well applications.