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Vortex Gas Separator

The Vortex Gas Separator is designed specifically for wells with high lifting cost associated with gas failures. The fluid flows down through the Helix and creates a vortex effect that separates solids through centrifugal force allowing clean liquid to flow up the Dip Tube.


The Vortex Sand Shield consists of two distinct stages. The first stage utilizes either OSI’s Tubing Screen, Super Perf, Perf Sub. The advantage of utilizing these different tools for the intake are; filtration of larger more abrasive solids (> 250 - < 6520 Microns) depended of the slot sizes. The second stage is the vortex created by the centrifugal force, which then separates the less abrasive solids (< 250 Microns) and deposits them in the tail pipe (mud joint).


Vortex Sand Shields are available in 2-3/8, 2-7/8 and 3-1/2 with helix models available for different applications in various downhole conditions. For maximum run life, the Vortex Sand Shield is designed to be installed in conjunction with all OSI products.



    • Reduces gas locking.

    • Increases pumping efficiency

    • Provides sand filtration

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