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- Mitigates gas slugs.

- Reduces or eliminates gas locking.

- Multiple stages of gas separation.

- Increases the pump's efficiency by increasing the pump fillage.

- Reduces shutdowns caused by gas locking.

- Utilizes both the casing and tubing as gas separators.

- Allows sand & gas separation. The sand is stored

  below the intake point


The production of wells with high GOR is a huge challenge for the pumping systems used in the oil industry. This condition can lead to finding a greater volume of gas than that of liquid in the suction of the pump. When this happens, the volumetric efficiency of the pump is severely affected and, in some cases, the downhole equipment is damaged.


The Packer Type Gas Separator™ is an innovative tool that eliminates gas problems in the lifting systems through the design of the separation sections according to the well conditions. 


The greatest features of this system is the ability to customize the isolating section, outlet and intake point and additionally the tool length using the concept that there is not a standard tool for every well.



Patent Pending

Process Detail 01.png

(1) In fluid

Circle detail.png

(4) In fluid

Process Detail 05.png

(5) Fluid ascends

Process Detail 02.png

(2) Fluid ascends

Any OSI sand separator

 can be connected

(3) Gas ascends / Fluid goes down

Process Detail 03.png

Rotation and Packer / GV Cup Packer

Four Dual Flow

Odessa Separator’s Packer Type Gas Separator™ is used for maximizing artificial lift run life.

Packer Type Gas Separator (Rotational Packer)

Packer Type Gas Separator (GV Cup Packer)

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