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Patent No.:  US 2017/0268322 A1

Intake System

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Top Valve

ESP Top Bypass Valve™ is the most recent solution created by OSI to guarantee the flow to the pump increasing the runtime.


The main advantage is that the ESP Top Bypass Valve™ is installed in the top of the assembly ensuring the optimum opening when the pressure difference in the system is greater than 33 psi.


Frequently, the ESP intake is plugged by sand, scale or paraffin (or several problems simultaneously), with the installation of the Bypass Valve at the top of the assembly, the plugging issues wouldn’t affect the runtime.


ESP Top Bypass Valve™ can be used in combination with any OSI system and its application has been tested around the world.


- Minimizes effects of plugging issues.

- Reduces the risk of production loss.

- Extend equipment run life.
- Large particle filtration.

- Valve is replaceable.

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    Odessa Separator’s ESP Top Bypass Valve™ was

    made for extending pump’s run life.

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