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(3 Stage) Fluid out

The intake consists of a specifically engineered slotted design. These slots are cut using a plasma cutter which creates smoother cut surfaces than other cutting methods. Smooth surfaces are less likely to be affected by corrosion.

The helix creates the vortex using centrifugal force, which separates the smaller solids and deposits them into the tail pipe[s] (mud joint[s]).

This improved version of the screen vortex desander was designed to with stand the high speed of the particles and avoid cuts in the tool and the failure of the solid separation system.


- Reduced the downtime due to solid issues.

- Less interventions and less investment in CAPEX.
- Stable pump parameters: Vibration,
frequency, voltage and

  motor current.
- Avoid the premature failures of the pump
components caused

  by the solids.

- Avoid problems such as sand cutting.

ESP Slotted Vortex v1.png

(1 Stage) Fluid in

(2 Stage) 

Vortex Separator

Our GV Cup Packer is a double cup design that guarantees the best seal. Our packer cups are molded from a durable Oil, gas and abrasion- resistant elastomer compound that withstands wear and tear, even under pressure.

More than three

Mud Joint

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