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ESP Vortex Desander Flex Tool - OSI

Every day, new challenges require petroleum producers to find solutions to complex problems. OSI is doing its part by developing new artificial lift technologies,  in unconventional wells, especially where deviated wellbores present a technical barrier.


OSI   has developed the  FLEX  TOOL  which is designed to provide flexibility to bottom hole   

assemblies allowing them to work more freely in severely deviated wellbores.  The FLEX TOOL allows the tubing string to turn in either direction and extend the production string is severely deviated wellbores.


Another benefit provided by the FLEX TOOL is that it has been proven to reduce vibration from ESPs and the possibility of broken ESP shafts.  The  FLEX  TOOL  can be installed with  OSI desanders or screen tools.



- Provides production string flexibility and allows

  the production string to be extended, in severely

  deviated wellbores.

- Reduces ESP vibration.

- Reduces the possibility of broken ESP shafts.

- Can be installed with OSI desanders and screen tools.

THE FLEX TOOL comes in a standard connection

2-3/8”  2-7/8”  and  3-1/2”

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