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OSI’s SLOTTED ON TOP GAS SEPARATOR represents a significant design improvement from standard gas anchors. The intake slots have been positioned at the top, of the separator requiring the fluid flow to change directions upon entering the separator.

The change of direction in the fluid flow breaks gas out of solution, into the annulus.  Any solution gas remaining in the fluid will break out of solution as it flows through the separator and out the venting ports.

This simple, effective, and low-cost separator is easily installed below the seating nipple and can be combined with a Vortex Desander to provide solids separation.


- Reduces gas slug production

- Reduces or eliminates gas interference and gas locking

- Provides multiple stages of gas separation


     Test Horizontal Well      

OSI has facilities to carry out flow and pressure tests to demonstrate the efficiency of our tools. 

- Provides sand and gas separation when combined with other OSI tools.


Technical Specifications

2-7/8” x 4-1/2” x 24’ Slotted Gas Shield w-Improved Intake

New slotted design to force the fluid to change the flow direction

drastically and optimize a most effective gas separation

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• Highly efficient Gas Separator design.

• Separate the free gas to the backside.

• In combined system, The Dual Flow system is used to improve 

  the installation time and functionality of the too.

*The tool capacity is function of the well conditions: pump parameters, perforations zone, well inclination, 

gas volume, so on. To get an optimal design fill up the OSI’s data sheet. Longer assemblies provide larger capacities.

** Also available in Stainless steel 304 - Premium Tools.