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OSI's vision is to become one of the market leaders in providing innovative solutions with new technology in areas such as Filtration / Sand Control, Gas Separation, and Chemical treatment downhole for the oil field.


    Odessa Separator Inc. offers Filtration / Sand Control, Gas Separation and Chemical Treatment in downhole for the Oil Field. We are dedicated to focusing our efforts in satisfying our customers' needs with the safety of processes and protection of the environment in performing operations with an emphasis on quality and integrity in each department. 


    Odessa Separator Inc. was founded by Bert Frost in 1995 as a sole proprietorship company, He then incorporated the company in 2001 as the company grew. We pride ourselves in providing the best downhole solutions available for the Artificial Lift systems. (SRP, ESP, PCP, Gas Lift, etc.)


    The business was founded upon the wholesale of downhole gas separators and sand screens for the oilfield industry. For the next six years, our product was refined, and screens became the increased focus of Odessa Separator.


    By 1998, the company had an explosion of rapid growth in 2006, OSI expanded its product line to create a unique method of providing downhole chemical treatments and solutions.


    In 2013, OSI broadened its reach within the US by adding locations in Montana/North Dakota, San Antonio, New Mexico and Oklahoma, with great success.  The very next year in 2014, OSI created opportunities for our Latin American market, and established Odessa Separator Inc. S.A.S., in Colombia.  It started with 1 employee that introduced the OSI product line in more than 150 wells by 2016.  OSI Colombia now employees eleven people, and searching for new markets in Ecuador, and Mexico.


    OSI is committed to manufacturing top quality products and providing technical support to maximize productivity and profitability.  Between 2015 - 2016, OSI developed 5 new tools and designed more than 1500 wells to increase the runtime of production. 

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