Patent No.:  US 8,950,491 B2 - US 9,097,093 B1 - US 9, 097,094

Chem Screen™ is a new technology that challenges the traditional concept of downhole chemical treatment.  Through the micro- encapsulation technology, all the active components of the most effective liquid chemical treatments in the oil industry are processed in a solid stick that is then installed before the pump intake.

The installation of the Chem Screen™ downhole allows the activation and dispersion of the chemical problems to be treated and inhibited aster and more effectively, thus preventing harmful effects on downhole equipment.

- Reduces paraffin, scale and corrosion failures.

- Treats from the bottom up.
- Refillable tool design.
- Slow, self-release.

- Chemical treatment below the packer.


Chem Screen™ are a solid based blend with 97%

active chemical ingredients.

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