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Combination Tool - OSI

The OSI COMBINATION TOOL is designed and engineered to maximize artificial lift system efficiency.  Using OSI’s patented “DUAL FLOW” connections, the COMBINATION TOOL is a versatile and effective means of fluid conditioning by controlling sand, gas, and solids.  


THE TUBING SCREEN is the intake while filtering out sand particles and assisting with gas separation. Tubing screens come in 2-3/8”, 2-7/8”, and 3-1/2” diameters with different options of slot sizes for the screens.

THE GAS SEPARATOR attaches below the tubing screen and continues the gas separation process.

THE VORTEX DESANDER is added to the bottom of the assembly to separate the finer particles of sand that have passed through the tubing screen and stores them in the mud joint(s).


The versatility of the Combination Tool allows any other OSI fluid conditioning tools to be included, providing the specific tools for the well conditions.  The Combination Tool represents the ultimate in fluid conditioning technology.


- Combines fluid conditioning tools in one bottom

  hole assembly.

- Conditions fluid as thoroughly as possible before

  entering the pump.

- Provides fluid flow with fewer restrictions through

  the innovative “DUAL FLOW” technology.

Odessa Separator’s Combination Tool Combines 

Gas Separation and Sand Control.



Combination Tool - OSI
Gas Without Gas Sand.png

Eleazar Herrera

 expert engineer

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