Patent No.:  US 8,950,491 B2 - US 9,097,093 B1 - US 9, 097,094



ESP Chem Screen changes the concept of traditional chemical treating. Employing micro-encapsulation technology, all the active components of the most effective liquid chemical treatments in the oil industry are processed in a solid stick. 

OSI has a complete line of chemical treatment products to deal with scale, paraffin, and corrosion in any well conditions.  Based on the analysis of data and samples taken from the well to be treated, OSI’s chemical engineering department formulates well-specific compounds.

ESP Chem Screen allows operators to place, more precisely, where the chemical needs to be for faster, more effective activation and dispersion.  Chemical treatments can last up to six months and be refilled without pulling the tubing.

The SHUT OFF VALVE prevents spillage if the tool ever need to be disconnected and provides protection for workers while eliminating chemical waste.


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- More effective treatment of paraffin,

   scale and corrosion.

- Refillable tool design.

- Chemical treatment below the packer.

- Can be combined with other OSI tools

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Paraffin, scale, corrosion are a headache for oil wells, OSI has the solution

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