Patent No.:  US 8,950,491 B2 - US 9,097,093 B1 - US 9, 097,094



with Shut Off Valve

ESP Chem Screen™ is a new technology that changes the traditional concept of downhole chemical treatment.  Through the micro encapsulation technology, all the active components of the most effective liquid chemical treatments in the oil industry are processed in a solid stick that is installed before the pump intake.

The installation of the treatment in downhole allows the activation, dispersion and inhibition of the chemical problems to be faster and more effective, thus preventing the harmful effects on the downhole equipment, for rod pump, ESP, PCP, gas lift, Plunger lift, jet pump, and flowing wells.


- Reduces paraffin, scale and corrosion failures.

- Treats from the bottom up.
- Refillable tool design.
- Slow, self-release.

- Chemical treatment below the packer.

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