Patent No.:  US 2017/0268322 A1

New unconventional wells have been a huge challenge for ESPs. In horizontal wells with high-formation GORs or GLRs, the pumped fluid can cause issues such as gas interference, gas locking, short run life, low production, poor energy efficiency, increased failure rates, shutdowns, and so forth.

A major problem is the presence of gas around the ESPs. It causes the motor to rapidly overheat because the gas is incapable of adequately cooling.

The ESP Guardian Shield™ prevents large slugs of gas from reaching the pump, which helps to stabilize production and reduce the unforeseen interruption.


ESP Guardian Shield™ is designed to avoid gas entrance into ESPs by forcing free gas to go around the shroud and protrude through the casing along with fluid passage inside the ESP Guardian Shield™, ensuring cooling of the motor.


    - Mitigates the gas slugs.

    - Reduces or eliminates gas locking.

    - Multiple stages of gas separation.

    - Reduces the motor temperature eliminating the free gas.

    - Prevents shutdowns and maximizes the performance.

    - Utilizes both the casing and tubing as gas separators.

    - Provides sand and gas separation.

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