Patent No.:  US 2017/0268322 A1

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The ESP Guardian Shield significantly improves the performance of ESP’s in high GOR / GLR horizontal wells.  With OSI’s DUAL-FLOW Completion System technology, the inadequacies of traditional “dip tube” type assemblies are eliminated while optimizing operational effectiveness.

The Guardian Shield includes an encapsulating shroud around the ESP pump motor that prevents overheating due to gas interference.  

Guardian Shield provides multi-stage separation of gas and solids while ensuring uncompromised flow area versus standard dip tube tools.

- Mitigates gas slugs

- Reduces or eliminates gas locking

- Lowers ESP motor operating temperature

- Prevents random shutdowns




- Provides multiple stages of gas separation

- Utilizes both the casing and the tubing for gas separation

- Provides sand and gas separation

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OSI has facilities to carry out flow and pressure tests to demonstrate the efficiency of our tools.