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The High Erosion Resistant Vortex is designed to remove solid particles such as sand from produced liquid prior to pumping.


The High Erosion Resistant Vortex  has a 15 FT  Boronized hardened wear resistant tubular body, designed for high rates of abrasive flow. It is our solution to a conventional tool, that  can be prone to excessive erosion in the vortex body. 


This improved version of the vortex sand shield was designed to withstand the high speed of the particles and avoid cuts in the tool and the failure of the solid separation system. The main benefits of this tool are as follows.


- Eliminates sand cutting problems

- Eliminates workovers and lost production

- Denser surface resistant to high corrosion due to H2S and CO2 

  in solution.

- It is not a coating so there is no reduction in the inner diameter.

Our GV Cup Packer is a double cup design that guarantees the best seal. Our packer cups are molded from a durable Oil, gas and abrasion- resistant elastomer  compound that withstands wear and tear, even under pressure.

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