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ESP Surge Valve - OSI



A common problem in horizontal well production is erratic fluid surging.  A  result  of these slugs is inefficient pumping and flowback into the formation. OSI has engineered a tool that turns the energy generated by surges into an advantage for the producer.


The OSI ESP Surge Valve allows a fluid surge to flow one way through the valve then holds the surge above the valve, decreasing formation back pressure and increasing production.


ESP Surge Valve improves well profitability in both horizontal and vertical orientations. The   system   is  applicable  to  many  different  lift  applications,  including  electric  

submersible pump (ESP), rod pump, and gas lift.

- Helps prevent gas interference.

- Reduces pump shutdowns.

- Breaks gas slugs and prevents surge production.


- Allows chemical injection below the pump.

- Allows for hot oil treating above the packer.

- Allows testing the packer to assure that it is properly set.



ESP Surge Valve - OSI
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Neil Johnson

expert engineer

ESP Surge Valve - OSI - How it works
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