Patent No.:  US 2017/0268322 A1


ESP Vortex Desander (CAP) (Bro) Jan20 20


The OSI Capillar String allows chemical treating below the packer in a specific, targeted area where it is most effective. Furthermore, this precise placement of chemicals makes dispersal more consistent as the chemicals disperse from the bottom up.

The Capillar String can be applied to any OSI “packer type” assembly such as the ESP Vortex Desander.  The ESP Screen Vortex Desander is designed specifically for wells where high lifting costs are a result of sand problems.

The ESP Vortex Desander employs centrifugal force to achieve maximum sand separation efficiency, The GV Packer cups are molded from a durable oil, gas and abrasion-resistant elastomer.  This compound withstands the wear, tear, pressure and temperatures encountered in an oilfield environment.


- Allows chemical treatments below the packer, in a targeted area.

- Precise placement of chemicals where it is most effective.

- Lower lifting costs, reduced downtime and greater operating efficiency.

- Reduced pump failures resulting from sand damage.

- Centrifugal force greatly increases sand separation efficiency.

The chemical is injected from the bottom of the exhaust pipe upwards,

thus mixing with the crude.