Patent No.:  US 2017/0268322 A1


Slug Flow is widely recognized as being the main difficulty in trying to efficiently produce high GOR horizontal wells. Sand is usually present in these types of wells, adding to the problems created by the severe gas interference of slug flow.

The ESP VORTEX REGULATOR represents proprietary technology designed to regulate the gas slugs and separate sand prior to reaching the ESP. 

The Vortex Regulator reduces repair and maintenance costs by preventing mechanical damage to the pump caused by gas locking and sand.  Operating costs are reduced through greater pumping efficiency and increased production with less downtime for repairs.


- Reduced downtime for repairs

- Better pump efficiency

- Greater production rates

- Stabilized pump operation: vibration, frequency, voltage, motor current.



- Highly efficient solids and gas separator design

- Separates gas and solids before reaching the pump

- Eliminates “Slug Flow” gas interference, gas locking

- 100% elastomer packer cups for easy installation

- New Vortex Separator design

                Lab Test              

OSI has facilities to carry out flow and pressure tests to demonstrate the efficiency of our tools.