Patent No.:  US 2017/0268322 A1

ESP Vortex Regulator is a new technology specially designed to separate sand and regulate the gas slugs delivering a clean and mix fluid to the ESP.


Its functionality prevents mechanical damage to the pump and downtime due to overheating or gas lock.


The gas slugs are eliminated through the change of the flow regime, forcing the gas bubbles to be re-solubilized in both sections, the slotted intake and the outlet section of the system. Its installation is easy and has a wide range of applications with minimum requirements


- Reduces downtime due to solid issues.

- A Cap string can be set below the packer and below the ESP Vortex Regulator.

- Less interventions and less investment in CAPEX.

- Stable pump parameters: Vibration, frequency, voltage  and motor current.

- Avoid the premature failures of the pump components  caused by the sand.

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