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Odessa Separator’s ESP G-FORCE™ is used for

maximizing artificial lift run life.

     Test Horizontal Well      

OSI has facilities to carry out flow and pressure tests to demonstrate the efficiency of our tools. 

Patent Pending



With OSI’s trusted years of experience especially on gas separation combine with the industry preferences on Packer type Gas Separators, OSI has developed G-Force. G-Force is a unique ESP Packer type Gas Separator design that overcomes the challenges of unconventional wells with High GOR and GLR.

The G-Force is designed to break the gas slugs and separate the gas through the backside before it reaches the pump. The encapsulated shroud prevents the fluid to go directly into the pump intake as well as forces the fluid to pass through the separator, ultimately only allowing gas in solution fluid to go into the pump. This allows the operator to build a temporal sump that gives enough retention time to change the flow regime and optimize the pump performance reducing the amount of free gas ingested by the pump.


    - Mitigates gas slugs.

    - Reduces or eliminates gas locking.

    - Multiple stages of gas separation.

    - Increases the ESP's efficiency by increasing the pump fillage.

    - Reduces shutdowns caused by gas locking.

    - Utilizes both the casing and tubing as gas separators.

    - Allows sand & gas separation. The sand is stored

      below the intake point

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