Odessa Separator’s Top Bypass Valve™ was made for extending pump’s run life.

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Top Valve

Intake System

 Patent No.:  US 2017/0268322 A1


The TOP BYPASS VALVE was designed to extend pump runtimes by ensuring flow to the pump if the intakes plug off from sand, scale, or paraffin deposits.

The Top Bypass Valve is installed at the top of the bottom hole assembly.  If a pressure differential greater than 33 psi is reached, the valve opens, bypassing the plugged intakes, allowing continued production.

The Top Bypass Valve can be used in combination with any OSI system.


• Minimizes the impact of plugging events

• Reduces production loss due to plugging

• Extends equipment run time

• Provides large particle filtration

• Can be combined with any OSI system

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