Patent No.:  US 8,950,491 B2 - US 9,097,093 B1 - US 9, 097,094

The SRP Retrievable Chem Tool™ is designed specifically for wells with high lifting cost that have chemical issues downhole, such as corrosion, scale, paraffin, asphaltenes, etc. The tool provides an even distribution of well-specific chemicals while offering an easy installation.


The SRP Retrievable Chem Tool™ is easily installed below the coupling of the insert rod pump, which translates into lower operating costs since it is not necessary to pull out the production tubing. 


This features makes it the best alternative to condition the fluid from the bottom of the well, improving the life of the sucker rod pumps and well production. After installation, the tool comes in contact with wellbore fluid, releasing the chemical product through the screen at the bottom of the well. It offers a controlled dispersion, from the bottom up, which protects the artificial lift system.


- Designed insert Sucker Rod Pump

- Slow, self release of chemical(s)

- Up to 6 months of chemical treatment

- Reduces paraffin, scale, and corrosion failures

- Variety of well-specific recipes (paraffin, asphaltenes, corrosion, scale)

- Low installation costs.

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