Intake System



Super Perf™ is a high efficiency system to homogenize the sand slugs coming from the formation and allow a better sand management in downhole.

It is composed of a large opening mesh with 27 times the open area of a traditional perforated joint.

Super Perf™ is compatible with Any artificial lift system and its use is a complete innovation for the oil industry.

- Improves sand management

- Homogenizes sand slugs

- Reduces failures due to large particles.

- Large intake area reduces pressure drop.

- (V) Shaped design provides a small contact area, reduces

  flow friction.

- Corrosion resistant screen.

- Strong pipe base design


Odessa Separator’s Super Perf™ was made to replace the perforated pup joint to improve filtration.

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Our expert oil and gas engineers share their experience and knowledge with Super Perf tool.

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