Intake System


The Tubing Screen™ is a multifunctional system designed to extend the run life of the artificial lift systems through the management and homogenization of the sand production in downhole.

This innovative system uses a V-shaped mesh design that allows the separation of abrasive solids while maximizing the open area to flow fluid. This operational advantage makes the Tubing Screen one of the best options against the abrasive effects of sand.

The size and length of system for sand management in downhole is designed based on the production and mechanical conditions of each well.


- Homogenizes sand slugs extending the run life.

- Reduction in the number of interventions.
- Decrease in non-productive time.
- Reduces sand failure.

- Large intake area, reducing pressure drop.
- “V” shaped design provides a small contact area, reduces flow friction.
- A wide range of filtration slot sizes.

- Corrosion resistant screen.

Odessa Separator’s Tubing Screen™ are used for maximizing artificial lift run life by separating the harmful abrasives.

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