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Vortex Desander - OSI

The Vortex Desander is a high efficiency desander designed to separate sand particles prior to entering the pump. 


The intake consists of a specifically engineered slotted design. These slots are cut using a plasma cutter which creates smoother cut surfaces than other cutting methods. Smooth surfaces are less likely to be affected by corrosion.


The  helix  creates  the vortex effect  using  centrifugal force,  which  separates  the smaller solids and deposits them into the tail pipe[s] (mud joint[s]). This improved version of the Vortex Sand Shield was designed to withstand the high speed of the sand in the tool and prevent the failure of the solids separation system.


- Reduces the downtime due to solids issues.

- Fewer interventions and less investment in CAPEX.

- Avoid the premature failures of the pump components

  caused by the solids.

- Avoid problems such as sand cutting.



Vortex Desander - OSI
OSI Flow
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Neil Johnson

expert engineer

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