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Learn how to manage your sand production while protecting ALSs

Shivani Vyas and Donovan Sanchez are our ALS Engineers, they have 4 years of experience in the oil and gas, and today they are  going to share their knowledge in sand control

Let's review together the alternatives to combat free gas in ESP

Carlos Portilla and Neil Johnson are our engineers, their knowledge in Gas Separation in unconventional ESP applications is very valuable and today they will share their experiences.

Let's keep sharing experiences

We will take you through the microencapsulation process to create the solution that is innovating the chemical treatments.

Tired of cutting the Desanders due to sand erosion, or wondering how to improved its performance?

Please Join Us to our webinar: How to Improve the Performance of the Downhole Desander. Test Results and Analysis
It is the time to solve all the questions around this technology

Mejoramiento de la Separación de Gas en ESP para pozos no convencionales

Seguimos compartiendo nuestras experiences y aprendizajes. Es un gran honor invitarlos a nuestro webinar sobre la optimizacion de la separacion de gas en pozos no convencionales instalados con ESP

Common Downhole Failures in the Permian Basin

Let's discuss the common downhole failures in the Permian Basin and how to solve them. We will talk about the causes and implementation of solutions by the operators. 

Optimizing Gas Separation in Rod Pumps
                                - Downhole Gas separator design & selection Criteria.

Soon - Join us            May 14 - 10 am

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Maximizing production performance with

integrated artificial lift solutions.

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