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OSI Wells Shock Kits are an evolution of the traditional well soap sticks. The kits are designed to tackle any conceivable problem downhole.


The advantage of using OSI Wells Shock is that this is a perfect compatibility with the chemical compounds in our chem screens. This elimanates any possibility of a surprising chemical reaction downhole. 


There are six types of chemical treatments that we provide: scale, paraffin, corrosion, asphaltene, defoamer, and acid surfactant.

100% Asphaltene Inhibitor Drop Stick

100% Defoamer

100% Droppable Quick Release Paraffin Stick

100% Droppable Quick Release H2S Scavenger Stick

100% Acid Surfactant Stick

1-1/4" WELL SHOCK KIT CD6000

1-1/4" WELL SHOCK KIT CD5000

1-1/4" WELL SHOCK KIT CD3001

1-1/4" WELL SHOCK KIT CD7000

1-1/4" WELL SHOCK KIT CD8000






However, OSI Well Shock Kits can be customized to fit you're well’s specific needs.

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Neil Johnson

expert engineer

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