Patent No.:  US 2017/0268322 A1

ESP TOP BYPASS VALVE Dia (Bro) Jan21 202


The ESP TOP BYPASS VALVE™ was designed to extend pump runtimes by ensuring flow to the pump if the intakes plug off from sand, scale, or paraffin deposits.

The ESP Top Bypass Valve™ is installed at the top of the bottom hole assembly.  If a pressure differential greater than 33 psi is reached, the valve opens, bypassing the plugged intakes, allowing continued production.

The ESP Top Bypass Valve™ can be used in combination with any OSI system.



  • Minimizes the impact of plugging events

  • Reduces production loss due to plugging

  • Extends equipment run time

  • Provides large particle filtration

  • Can be combined with any OSI system

    Poster TopByPass Valve 050919.png